High Blood pressure symptoms

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If I were to ask you to name a few symptoms of high blood pressure, in most likelihood your list would consist of nervousness, sleeplessness, flushed face or even sweating because this is the common perception about the symptoms of high BP. However, it is anything but the correct perception or information because high BP is a silent killer and in majority instances symptom-less. So if you’ve not been tracking your blood pressure because you think that your body will be kind enough to give you explicit symptoms and warnings regarding this, you’re mistakenly in for bigger troubles in the long run.


You need to invest in a blood pressure monitoring machine and start looking after your health better if you hope for a long healthy life. The machine will help you monitor your blood pressure regularly so that you can keep recording and fairly estimate when you need to act upon what and control what, it’s a great feeling to take control of your health and life and direct it according to your whims and fancies because these few aspects of life are the least we can decide and look after in the larger scheme of things that we have little or no control over.


Another common misconception is that high BP causes nosebleeds and headaches, however this isn’t true except in the case of hypertensive crisis where your reading is high and you require medical help urgently. Other than that if you’re experiencing headaches with nose bleeds, you needn’t worry about high BP, just consult your doctor for other minor conditions in case it doesn’t get better with rest and basic over the counter medication.


A lot of people with high BP or diabetes have those blood spots in their eyes, however neither diabetes, nor high BP cause them. That being said, there is a possibility of it being caused if the high BP is prolonged for too long without attention and treatment, however it is not caused directly but only remotely related by inaction towards treatment of high BP. This isn’t a mutual problem of people with high BP in any case.


Similarly, dizziness is another symptom commonly attributed to high BP however the cause is not high BP, but side effects of certain medications used for treatment. That doesn’t mean dizziness should be avoided when the treatment is on for high BP because it can result in loss of balance among other things and there could be a possibility of a stroke. Consult your doctor immediately in such circumstances. So if you happen to feel dizzy out of the blue some day, it could just be weakness. It is always wise to track your blood pressure and not wait till it’s too late.




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