Is Arthritis hereditary?

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If we were to neutrally judge the world as it stands today, it would be safe to say that arthritis and mid-life/old age are synonymous to each other. But what’s scarier is the rising concern over it being hereditary. Parents with arthritis are increasingly getting bothered about transferring the deadly inconvenience to their children.

Extensive researches have associated certain genes, namely HLA-B27 and HLA-DR4 with a few types of arthritis. Now this may come as a complete shocker to parents but it needn’t affect them like the nightmare it seems like unless the child shows signs and symptoms of arthritis. There are clinical tests that can be conducted on children to medically foresee if they’re likely to develop the condition owing to genetic factors, however parents needn’t fret over it or put themselves or their children through these tests solely because most usually the results show the likelihood and yet only a mere 10% of the same tested children end up developing the condition in the future.

So unless the child shows symptoms, the test isn’t recommended as it will only lead to despair and paranoia even though the probability isn’t too high. Yes it is wise to always be cautious, make them have adequate exercise along with healthy diets especially when there exists that slight risk.


Don’t ignore the possibility but don’t inherit your fears either to them.

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