Top 5 surprising causes of neck and shoulder pains

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The only people that don’t relate to neck and shoulder pains, strains and stiffness among other issues are those who are probably dead because everyone else does irrespective of the degree and fitness levels. The right massage on the pressure points of the neck and shoulders is nothing short of orgasmic and let’s not even get started on how much better we can feel for days after it. There’s immense physical tension stored in these areas and the reasons might just surprise you. Let’s have a look at the top five of such reasons.

– Clothing: More like under clothing for women that has a significant impact. Wearing tight bras or tightening the straps too much restrict fluid and lymphatic flow that in turn result in extremely poor circulation around the region.

– Breathing: We all breathe, but do we all breathe right? You’ll be surprised to know that different people breathe with the support of different body parts. Diaphragm is most commonly used, pregnant women rely more on shoulders, some others rely on chest and so on. In any case, you need to focus on breathing well wherein your stomach expands when you breathe in and vice versa otherwise that indicates that your breaths are inefficient or shallow and that creates stress in the body.

– Nutrition: If you think you’re what you eat, you might have to make a slight perception change only because everything you eat isn’t all that is absorbed. There’s a good chance that you’re deficient on various nutrients and all parts of your body aren’t sufficiently receiving what they require even in bear minimum quantities. If you experience such issues frequently, try having multivitamins.

– Muscle Abuse: Poor posture is most definitely a very significant contributor, there’s even an ideal way to sit, stand and lay. For example sleeping on your belly will cause more strain on the neck and back region. Poor postures cause prolonged muscle contractions that lead to long term problems.

– Body proportions: We’re all of different shapes and sizes and like I’ve mentioned above, poor postures are big contributing factors in the issue. Sometimes because the body is disproportionate, you tend to adopt different postures to do the same task by way of compensation, but this could have long term effects on the muscles and one must always realize their body proportions and consciously work towards keeping a suitable posture that doesn’t involve compromise on health.

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