The link between diabetes and sleep

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Diabetes and sleeping problems pretty much co-exist to ruin nights and lives of people striving to fight the deadly condition. Not that diabetes didn’t come with enough issues that even sleeping problems needed to add to them, but unfortunately enough the sad truth remains that most diabetic people suffer through the day as well as the night.


One of the main reasons that diabetics have a rather disturbed sleep is because of the urge to urinate frequently through the night. The reasoning for this is that when the blood sugar in your body is high, your kidneys overwork themselves in trying to get rid of the excess sugar through urination. This makes the diabetic patients wake up multiple times from their sleep to urinate the sugar out of the body.


Another reason diabetics don’t sleep well is because they feel very tired and in order to gain energy out of just about anything, they tend to over eat to gather any energy possible. Many foods have naturally occurring and externally added sugars that spike up the blood sugar levels. Diabetics need to maintain a healthy diet through the day and get their blood sugar levels under control for a good night’s sleep.


While everyone needs to be careful about their sleeping patterns, diabetics more than anyone else need to put in that extra effort and be more cautious because if their sleep cycle gets disturbed or they’re thrown off their routine, the start to feel a severe lack of energy combined with fatigue. They need to get a minimum of an undisturbed six hours of sleep though everyone should for better health.

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