Top Five heart symptoms you shouldn’t ignore

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I’ve spoken extensively about heart related issues, difference between heart attacks and cardiac arrests and also about healthy heart foods, today let’s have a look at the top five heart symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.

– Discomfort in the chest: Every person has a different way of describing this discomforting feeling, some feel heavy weight in the chest while others feel like the heart is being held and pinched or on fire. The discomforting feeling in the chest is one of the most common and worrisome causes of heart danger. This may happen when your arteries are blocked. You may alternatively feel chest pain, tightness or pressure in your chest when you’re having a heart attack.

– Irregularity of heart beat: While it’s completely normal to skip a heart beat in absolute excitement or nervousness but if its beating irregularly for over a few seconds and this happens often, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. It needn’t necessarily be a heart danger but it very well could.

– Dizziness: There are literally a million causes for dizziness and a light head, but if it is accompanied by shortness of breath or chest discomfort as mentioned above, it’s most likely a heart symptom and you shouldn’t wait to call or consult your doctor.

– Radiating pain: If the pain starts in the chest and spreads outwards especially towards the left side of your body including your arm, it could be a real heart danger. In many cases people who think they’ve had a severe arm pain in actuality had a minor heart attack.

– Fatigue and exhaustion: If the same activity of climbing up the stairs or anything alike was done in ease in the recent past but is making you feel exhausted or fatigued suddenly, it’s time for you to consult the doctor especially if you’re a woman.

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