Top 10 psychological fun facts

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We generally present to you rather serious and intense articles related to health for your well-being and safety, but let’s have a slight deviation today and have a look at the top ten psychological fun facts that are concluded by studies of different kinds with my personal take on it so that we can connect the dots as to why what is the way it is.

  • Good liars are also better at detecting the lies of other people. This comes as no surprise, though lying has a negative connotation, doing it well is still an art and of course an artist recognizes another!
  • People who use swear words excessively are more honest to their loved ones than those who don’t. I can believe that because we all curse and swear others in our thoughts but rarely aloud because of a variety of limitations, the people who do may even have the courage to be upfront and honest about other things as well.
  • Narcissists are more likely to have casual sex than others. This is likely because they aren’t doing it out of passion but more so out of the urge to display their authority and to boost their own already inflated egos.
  • People with lower self-esteem criticise others a lot more. This is as true as it gets, insecure people or those with lower self-esteem generally find faults with others to feel better about themselves, they prefer pulling others down to their level wherever possible.
  • Those who try to keep everyone happy are the loneliest. Again I have to agree because no matter what you do, it’s almost impossible to keep everyone happy considering we all have our own opinions, preferences and thought processes that conflict with that of others. Those who only listen to others to make them happy never end up living for themselves and their own dreams, it’s no surprise that they feel lonely and unhappy.
  • Your body cells listen to your mind and when you feel negative, your body starts feeling sick. It’s not an uncanny coincidence that the healthiest of people are also generally the happiest and most positive people you come across. Let’s not undermine the power of placebo!
  • If you can’t remember things, close your eyes and try, most likely you will. That’s because you shut yourself from the external environment as far as possible and direct all your energy and focus into remembering that particular thing.
  • When you’re single, you see happy couples all around and when you’re not, you see happy singles everywhere. The grass is always greener on the other side couldn’t be put in a better example.
  • Whenever someone tells you they’ve to ask you a question or talk to you, your mind suddenly starts remembering everything wrong you’ve done in the recent past. Your mind goes in that direction so as to provide you with legitimate excuses or reasoning for something you may have done wrong. It’s only a survival instinct you see!
  • Smarter people think they’re less smart than they actually are, whereas the ignorant ones are convinced of their brilliance. This reminds me of the classical Greek philosopher Socrates who exclaimed “I know that I know nothing”. This is because the smarter people are always knowledge hungry and willing to learn more than they already know, they accept contrary ideas and views whereas the ignorant ones don’t.

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