Top ten facts about the female body you probably didn’t know

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In these better times of rising equality between men and women, the general perception is that men and women are just the same with rather insignificant differences. However, the call for equality is limited to, and for the good cause of equality in opportunity, choices and non-discrimination, because anatomically speaking men and women are indeed very different and this doesn’t only stop at the difference in the reproductive systems and opinions. Let’s have a look at the top ten facts about the female human body that are different from that of men.

  • The average female body burns fat at around 50 calories a day, which is much slower than that of a male body.
  • The reason why there are visibly a lot more flexible women as compared to men is because muscles and tendons in the female body contain more elastin.
  • Ever wondered how your mother multitasks a lot better than your father? The corpus callosum is larger in the female brain as compared to the male brain and this helps them multitask far more effectively than men.
  • We can’t always blame the men who can’t differentiate between two shades of the same colour. They see different shades of dresses or lipsticks as the same most of the times while women don’t because colour perception is directly linked with the X chromosome and women stand at that advantage.
  • It’s not just colour that they distinguish better than men, it’s also the sweet taste that is better differentiated by women.
  • The reason that women predict danger or threat in terms of intuition better than men is also linked to the fact that women get far more anxious than men in most situations owing to the higher levels of cortisol, estradiol and progesterone in the female body.
  • While many men owe their best genetic features to their mothers, most bald men also owe their baldness to their mothers since it is an X-linked recessive trait that men inherit from their moms.
  • It is said that when a woman loves, she loves far more selflessly and is far more attached than a man in general. This is because women form stronger attachments owing to the higher levels of oxytocin.
  • If men had to deal with childbirth pain or menstrual pains, their over inflated egos wouldn’t have the courage to survive the pains. Women on average bear far more physical pain than men in a lifetime which is why they come with a slightly higher pain threshold thanks to estrogen.
  • No women aren’t drama queens when they complain about skin sensitivity. Female skin is about twice as much sensitive than the male skin.

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