5 things your vagina doesn’t want you to do

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When it concerns women’s health and particularly the vagina, complicated is an understatement because just about anything can go wrong and women usually feel the need to maintain their vaginas a certain way that doesn’t always comply with the body’s acceptance of it. There are so many factors that can be blamed for women wanting to go that extra mile of risk to keep their vagina perfect according to perception based standards. While it may seem nice and fancy, there could be many avoidable risks involved, so in today’s article let’s have a look at the top 5 things your vagina and body don’t want you to indulge in.

  • Scenting: Yes, you got that right, no soaps, no perfumes and no douching (water vinegar mix rinse) and not to forget, no vaginal steaming that has started to become popular among spas off late even if they make it fancy saying herbal steam. Please don’t let big companies fool you with ingredients used in feminine/intimate washes either, always consult your gynaecologist for feminine washes. Your vagina maintains a certain pH that shouldn’t be tampered with and it is absolutely self-cleansing. Give yourself a good warm water wash (not hot water) and use at max a feminine wash prescribed by your doctor. Anything else will cause infections and make you prone to conditions you don’t want to experience. If you’re concerned about odour, seek your doctor’s guidance and change your diet because ideally it shouldn’t have any bad odour.


  • Not changing sanitary napkins/tampons frequently: Menstrual hygiene is one of the most important factors that need to be taken good care of. The pH of your menstrual blood is higher than the pH of a healthy vagina and the longer you keep your tampon/napkin on, the higher the risk of infection you carry. Also for tampon users, make it a point to change every 4-6 hours because it could lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome that can be fatal beyond belief or tolerance.


  • Lubes: If that’s possible, you should avoid any lube and most certainly stay away from oil based lubes including petroleum jelly. It’s not funny how many women suffer vaginal and urinary tract infections solely because of lubes, especially those available over the counter with fascinating colours and fragrances even though they are water based. Consult your gynaecologist for a suitable prescribed water based lube in case you desperately require one. Oil based lubes additionally can tear the condoms and increase your risk of STDs and pregnancy apart from causing infections also because they can’t be cleaned from within.


  • Pleasurable object insertion: While female pleasure and masturbation is as important as that of males, there is an issue with insertion of objects. Try and find the best possible way of pleasuring yourself without insertion of artificial toys given that they can be highly unsanitary. Also, never ever insert fruits or vegetable not only because of chances of them breaking or you injuring yourself, but also because they contain pesticides that can really mess everything in there for a long time. No, even organic won’t do (read my article on organic foods for more information). In any case if you do happen to wildly or impulsively insert something that causes a cut, tear or an injury, always and I repeat, always remember to see your doctor immediately without caring a tad bit about embarrassment because it can lead to severe blood loss and long term problems otherwise.


  • Popping acne: Just like your face and back, your pubic area remains prone to acne as well. It may irritate, hurt or look ugly but you should resist the urge to pop or burst it because it contains bacterial pus that can touch other pores and cause more of them in no time. Breaking them can also force the bacteria and debris deeper into your skin layers and lead to inflammation, swelling and permanent scarring.

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