Top 5 health benefits of Turmeric

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You probably didn’t know this but India and US almost had a Turmeric war with US trying to patent what has been our age old traditional spice, Turmeric or what we popularly refer to as “Haldi”. Also, there’s a latest fad in the western nations with Turmeric Latte which is nothing but the Haldi milk that’s been a constant recipe in times of health and sickness from as long as our ancestry remembers. Oh, not to forget, if you don’t know that each and every turmeric powder packed by each and every brand has food colour in it and isn’t 100% pure, then your whole life has been a lie so far!

Amba Haldi is pure and most health conscious people who are aware of the sad reality of turmeric sold by companies usually go buy the unground turmeric from local Ayurvedic or other stores and either grid the huge pieces by themselves or get it ground in front of their own eyes just to be sure. Let’s have a look at the top 5 health benefits of Turmeric since it is loaded with real healthy nutrients such as dietary fibre, protein, Vitamins C, E and K, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, niacin, potassium and calcium and is also titled the “Queen of Spices”

  • Cancer and Tumours: Turmeric is known to protect against prostate cancer, stop growth of existing cells of prostate cancer and even destroy existing cancer cells. It acts as a protector against tumours induced by radiation apart from its preventive effect against breast carcinomas, T-cell leukaemia and colon carcinomas.
  • Diabetes: One of the most significant benefits of Turmeric is that it helps reduce insulin resistance. Apart from that it improves glucose control in the body and helps with the effectiveness of medicines used in diabetes treatment.
  • Immunity: The body’s immune system is boosted with a substance called Lipopolysaccharide that is present in Turmeric. The antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial agents naturally found in the spice strengthen the immune system against infections and diseases.
  • Cholesterol: Various researches claim that daily usage of turmeric as a significant spice in food preparations helps reduce levels of serum cholesterol.
  • Weight: Turmeric increases the flow of Bile in the body, which is a component that plays an important role in the breakdown of dietary fats. Anyone trying to manage weight should consume a teaspoon of turmeric each day in their food preparations.

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