Top 5 healthy foods that make you stink from within

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Do you have friends that stink to high heavens? Or maybe to the depths of hell? Probably not, because more often, than not we choose to not surround ourselves with stinky people. Generally speaking self-conscious people are far more aware than those who aren’t and they look into these matters rather seriously. If I was to be completely honest here, I’d rather sit at home for a good biryani with vinegar onions than socialize with people and be extra careful about my self-image. While the top five stink inducing foods I’m going to talk about would have abundant health benefits, they cause the stinky perception around you in social circuits if you haven’t been careful with scenting yourself enough.

  • Garlics: The strong smell of raw/excess garlic lasts up to 72 hours in your blood and urine and for a significant amount of time in your mouth and minds of people you closely interact with.


  • Onions: Needless to say, this one stands as a universal truth. While raw onions are the issue in this case, cooked onions can be eaten in excess without a second thought.


  • Asparagus: The urine of people who eat Asparagus has a peculiar sulphurous odour something like that of cooked cabbage which creates a strong presence for sometime after you use the washroom as well.


  • Fish oil capsules/supplements: Please do not let this discourage you from consuming these essential supplements, just make sure you use strong perfumes and lotions in your moments of close social interactions or intimate moments. Omega 3 fatty acids are way too essential for your general and heart health, however fish oil supplements that provide it the best bring about a fishy body odour and their scope of catching rancidity is quite high as well.


  • Fenugreek: Again, the issue with strong presence in the urine is associated strongly with Fenugreek owing to a compound called Solotone. Just avoid it in large intake when staying over with guests or sharing the washroom with others.

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