Top 5 home remedies for burping (belching)

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Burping or belching, that is nothing but the upper body counterpart of farting is one of the ways for the body to eliminate the gas formation within the stomach. Most usually it comes with a peculiar sound and smell. Though burping is a usual bodily function, some severe cases could be associated with conditions such as gastritis, GERD, lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption, peptic ulcers, and celiac disease. Perpetual burping is indicative of a digestive disorder and it remains wise to consult a doctor. However, you could try these top 5 home remedies for belching and see if it benefits you enough to not be on avoidable medication.

  • Fennel seeds: The carminative nature of fennel seeds prevents gas formation and soothes the digestive track while also preventing indigestion, heartburn and even bloating. You could either chew ½ tsp of dry roasted fennel seeds after each meal or boil 1tsp of fennel seeds in water and drink it twice a day till belching stops.


  • Ginger: Another effective kitchen ingredient that prevents excess gas formation, ginger again has carminative properties that significantly relaxes gastrointestinal muscles and promotes healthy digestion. Have ginger lemon stevia tea twice to thrice daily by just boiling ginger in water and adding stevia to it.


  • Anise seeds: Multiple healthy components of anise seeds aid digestion, treat belching, reduce bloating by excessive gas build-up in the body. Just boil 1tsp anise seeds in water and have this tea twice daily or simply take a 1tsp of them and pop it in your mouth by swallowing with water like you’d pop a pill twice a day.


  • Asafoetida: Or what we call Hing has anti-flatulence properties that control formation of gas due to acidity. Use it for seasoning in your food and mix a pinch of it in boiling water and consume it twice a day.


  • Peppermint: Antispasmodic properties in peppermint leaves relax the digestive track, reduce gas formation and improves the bile flow while keeping the overall digestion well. Boil 1 tsp dried peppermint leaves in water and drink this mix twice to thrice a day for quick effective relief. Those with a history of gallstones should avoid using this remedy.

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