Top 5 superfoods for growing children

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Two most important things that parents around the world and for generations have been and will be concerned about, are food habits of their children, especially growing children and their upbringing which is inclusive of their mental being as well. Both these things are extremely important for children in their formative years and it is the sole responsibility of parents to ensure its complete and right implementation at least till the children have reached some stage of independent or partially dependent maturity. The nutritive needs of children are very different from that of adults and I’d personally judge those parents that put their kids on all kinds of extreme diets (structured or not) to make them lose weight or gain muscles. Please spare your children till the age of 18, from such torture unless there are serious medical conditions and medical professionals have advised the same.

In today’s article let’s have a look at the top 5 superfoods that are required by the bodies of growing children for different reasons.

  • Eggs: It doesn’t matter whether its Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday, your child’s growth and well-being should be prioritized over your personal religious or spiritual beliefs. Children require proteins in abundance and eggs are a great natural source that can be possibly consumed each and every day without too much preparation or hassle. The Vitamin B content in eggs contributes to brain development and functioning apart from the other important nutrients being Vitamin D, zinc, iron, selenium, folate and Omega 3 fatty acids.


  • Sweet potatoes: Easily one of the most nutritive vegetables available in the market, sweet potatoes are necessary for a good and healthy eyesight given that they are rich in carotenoids and beta carotene. Not only are they incredibly tasty when steamed and spiced with a splash of lime, but they also contain Vitamins A, E and C along with folate, fibre, calcium and iron.


  • Oats: Undoubtedly one of the best breakfast items that can be turned to anything you like starting from porridge to khichdi to flour, oats contain Vitamins B, E, potassium and zinc that significantly contribute to brain development and functioning, they are also a great source of both, soluble and insoluble fibres that keep kids full for longer hours. There have actually been authoritative researches that show that kids who consume oats are more likely to concentrate and pay more attention in school as compared to kids who don’t.


  • Cheese: Please don’t let your kids be deprived of these healthy fats because of biases you’ve heard of in regard to adults since cheese contains a rather significant amount of protein, calcium, phosphorous and Vitamin B12. It’s a good and easy substitute to proteins from meats that aren’t usually consumed on a daily basis that repair and maintain the body tissues, something that is needed to keep up with their active lifestyles. Cheese is also believed to have anti-cavity properties that keep their dental issues under control.


  • Beans: Not only are they low on calories, fat and sodium, they contribute to keeping children energetic while maintaining a good body weight and improving their mood. This extremely beneficial superfood is high in antioxidants, calcium, fibre, protein and Vitamin B and can be easily included in just about anything.


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