5 ways you shouldn’t handle your contact lenses

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Contact lenses are a perfect example of a blessing in disguise, the disguise being the insertion, removal and extra care, while the blessing being the fact that you no longer need to wear spectacles which by the way isn’t a fashion statement, but only a public exhibition or display of poor eyesight. There are almost equal number of people on both sides, one where they absolutely swear by usage of contact lenses being the best decision of their lives and another where they’d rather stick a fork to their eye than go through the whole ordeal of wearing, removing and caring for contact lenses. It honestly depends on your personal preferences, aesthetic priorities, comfort and budget while deciding whether or not you should go ahead with the fancy contacts. In today’s article let’s have a look at 5 ways you shouldn’t handle your lenses so that you don’t damage your eyes.

  • Sleeping in them: This is one of the worst crimes you could do to your eyes and way too many people do it far too often. You could wake up to the driest eyes and the blurriest vision with your lenses feeling more like papad than what they originally are. The hardening could injure your eye from within and cause a lot of avoidable discomfort. Also, in all likelihood, your cornea would be deprived of oxygen given that you’d be sleeping for a while. But you know what’s the worst that could happen? You could lose the lens to the back of your eye and rush to the emergency room with the risk of lost vision.


  • Water exposure: It could be you relaxing in your shower, bath tub, pool or just washing your face, but it could lead to severe dehydration of your contacts, bacterial attacks, infections and even loss of vision in cases too severe. Also, never store your lenses in water, always use your sterile saline solution for them and always replace used solution with fresh one instead of adding fresh one to used one.


  • Handling them with unclean hands: Always make it a point to wash your hands with soap and warm water before wiping them with a clean washed towel so that your hands are dry and the microbes from the water could cause infections.


  • Wearing them for long hours: It can not only lead to permanent scarring but can lead to vision loss. Tears bring the oxygen to the cornea and not the blood vessels and while tears can’t reach them, your eyes are deprived of oxygen making it wise to remove them from time to time.


  • Using expired lenses: Contact lenses come with an expiry date and you shouldn’t wear them beyond that date because they tend to accumulate residue and protein inside that can cause discomfort and infections.

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